Sunday, September 10, 2006


We saw the film INVINCIBLE tonight. It was pretty good, although very straight-forward and by-the-numbers. It was practically a remake of THE ROOKIE with the sport changed. Wahlberg is a good presence, and Greg Kinnear was entertaining as Dick Vermeill, even though he looks nothing like him. The one big piece of miscasting was Elizabeth Banks as the female lead, she thinks she's a lot cuter than she is.

Which brings me to another subject: football. If you've read this blog back far enough, you'll know how I ended up being a big baseball fan. My father was a high school athletic director and football coach for over 30 years. He had one of the winningest records in New England sports history, including eight undefeated seasons, and winning the first Massachusetts High School Superbowl.

So I am a fan of football as well. I was waterboy and later trainer for the team when my father coached. During his tenure, he had four players go on to play in the pros. One, Dick Jauron , is now head coach of the Buffalo Bills. Before that, Jauron was also head coach of the Chicago Bears, and in 2001 he was chosen AP coach of the year when the team unexpectedly made it to the playoffs.

Growing up a fan of the Patriots was tough. Much like my feelings for the Red Sox, though, with the Patriots reaching the Superbowl three times in four years, I'm OK for a while if they don't make it again. So with Jauron coaching the Bills, I've become an overnight fan of the team.

Alas, they start their season tomorrow against the Patriots!

In baseball news, the Dodgers lost, although Maddux pitched fairly well, but the Padres lost as well. Oakland and the Angels lost; Yankees won and Red Sox lost.

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