Saturday, September 23, 2006


Saw the film LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE tonight. I guess I expected more. With a Tomatometer Cream of the Crop of 90, I thought it was going to be brilliant. It was definitely entertaining, and very well cast, but the script was not much more than a long sitcom. Although it was a large cast, most of the characters were underdeveloped.

The best of the performances was 10 year-old Abigail Breslin, who showed more depth then the rest of the characters combined.

REVISED 12/26/06

It's VERY rare that when I see a movie a second time my opinion gets BETTER (usually it's the same, and once in a while it's worse), but in this case it did.

My major objection seeing it the first time was that I felt the comedy was episodic and forced and that some of the plot points were hard to swallow. In seeing it a second time, the writing really stands up well, as does the casting and acting. There is still one major plot point that is hard to swallow, but it's funny (albeit unoriginal) so I'll forgive it. I LOVE the ending, which is really a very dark statement on society, while at the same time being heartwarming in bringing the (dysfunctional) family together.

In baseball news, the Dodgers lost badly, and the Padres and Phillies won, so they are not even the wild card team right now. Obviously every game is important now.

The Angels beat Oakland, putting them 7 games back as the clock continues to tick.

College football: USC won, but not quite by the spread.

NFL: Tomorrow Buffalo plays the Jets in a game predicted to be close. Denver plays New England in another contest expected to be close.

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