Tuesday, June 05, 2007


One of my former students has made it to the top 15 on the Spielberg show ON THE LOT. His film this week was #4, the musical, and by far the best of the lot. You can see his film on the web site for the show.

I wish they would stop monkeying with the format on the show; now he is one of five up for elimination.


ZiggyMustard said...

The ratings were rough. How long would it take for this season's series to naturally go to completion without the network mucking with the format?

Hope it doesn't get pulled. They might move it around, though.

Bondelev said...

They have already mucked with the show; they cut an epsiode (this is clear as they dumped a bunch of people with no explanation, and we never saw the films they were supposed to shoot in an hour) and the format has changed. We no longer see the PROJECT GREENLIGHT style of backstage backstabbing, and instead it's like AMERICAN IDOL, where we see the films and then vote on them. The show came in FIFTH in its time slot on Monday, which means they may quickly dump the remainder of the show.

The big question: why is Spielberg not a judge? He would lend credence to the show. Also, they need someone to be more critical like Simon Cowell. (Is Rex Reed available?)

Anonymous said...

The American Idol format just doesn't work!! My two cents would be to toss the voting and follow the format of something like Project Runway. The bottom line is that (I think) TV audiences are actually fascinated with the PROCESS of making films more than they are with seeing a bunch of shorts (a format most people aren't used to). AND, seeing the process would make us care for the final product, too.

Besides, I have all these questions: what kind of restrictions are they under? Why did that one woman shoot her 5-day film in New Hampshire? How are they getting these produced? Are they editing themselves, are they crewing up on each other's??? One guy said something about a budget-- what budget?? How much? I'd like to at least know that everyone is getting the same support before I even consider voting.

Bondelev said...

If you go to the official web site of the show and look at the web board of the show's own fans, they are doing nothing but complaining about the show.

Some of the restrictions are explained on the show, others are on the web site, but nothing is ever clear.

At least Adam's film was good this week.

Sam went to USC as well, but I didn't know him. Apparently Adam and Sam are friends. I wonder how that will pan out.