Sunday, October 07, 2007

Angels Put To Rest

The only bad thing about the Red Sox sweeping the Angels today is that I don't get to see the Red Sox play again tomorrow.

The Angels just could not get the offense sparked against the Sox, and slugger Vlad Guererro was the weakest in the lineup. Garret Anderson was forced to sit out the game with an eye infection, and Casey Kotchman was hospitalized with a virus. Gary Matthews Jr. was already sidelined with knee problems.

The end result was a 9-1 win, with Curt Schilling giving another memorable post-season performance, going 7 innings and giving up no runs. Jered Weaver was also good, but allowed back-to-back homers from Ortiz and Manny to take the loss. The Red Sox got 7 runs in the 8th inning to stifle any hopes of a comeback. It would have been a shutout for the Sox except the appearance of Eric Gagne allowed a run for the Angels.

The Angels were a great team this year, and for most of the season they were the team to beat, but they were overcome by injuries and forced to play an inexperienced team.

The crowd was loud until the 8th inning, when rats quickly fled the sinking ship, leaving the Red Sox fans to bask in the glory.

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ZiggyMustard said...

The Angels were so...depressing. Their series was over before it started. The injuries sustained were terrible, but even so--it felt like so many players were phoning it in.

On the other hand, Colorado has been astounding this year.