Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Red Sox vs. Angels Predictions

The Angels are very good and have been predicted by many all season long to win the World Series. Dice-K is a big question mark for the Red Sox. It should be a good series. My wife & I will be at game 3 and (if there is one) game 4 in Anaheim.

Game 1: Lackey (19-9, 3.01) vs. Beckett (20-7, 3.27). Two of the best pitchers in baseball. Slight edge to Red Sox with home field, and they are one of the few teams Lackey lost 2 games to this year.

Game 2: Escobar (18-7, 3.40) vs. Dice-K (15-12, 4.40). Big advantage to Angels. Escobar is having a career year. The $100M man is a big bust for the Sox. His ERA in September was almost 8. He is not used to pitching as often or for as long of a season and must be exhausted.

Game 3: Schilling (9-8, 3.87) vs. Weaver (13-7, 3.91). Toss up. When Schilling is on, he's one of the best, but he's been schizo this year. In the past he's been one of the best post-season pitchers. The kid is amazing but untested in post-season. Slight edge to Red Sox, but this time they are in Anaheim.

Game 4: Probably Beckett vs. Saunders (8-5, 4.44) or a Beckett vs. Lackey rerun. If it's either of these, I'll definitely take Beckett and the Sox to win the game and series in 4 games. But you'll notice I said 2 games would be very close. If they go to 5 games, the final game will probably be a rerun of Escobar and Dice-K (or Lackey & Dice-K). In that case, the Angels take the series in 5.

And of course the Sox had better not use Gagne.

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