Thursday, August 20, 2009


A little late on this review as well, it was released 2 years ago.

Ten years ago the first TREKKIES movie was a pleasant surprise as a documentary about STAR TREK fans. (Although many real fans prefer to call themselves Trekkers, but that's another matter, which they do discuss in the sequel.)

I expected that there would not be much new or interesting in a sequel as they had covered it pretty thoroughly in the first film. I was wrong, to an extent, as this time they went to conventions in many other countries, proving that Trek fans are the same pathetic losers on every continent. Seriously, there isn't anyone from any country who looks remotely normal. I consider myself a fan of the original series and TNG, but I would never dress like one of them or go to a convention. I just don't care that much. It's fine for people who do, but it does seem an odd coincidence that every person you see at one of these conventions is someone who, if they sat next to you on the subway, you would get up and move to another seat.

There were nice follow-ups on a couple of characters from the first film, including the woman who was on the Whitewater jury and insisted on wearing her costume to the trail (and her work). I did notice a resmblence between the Arkansas juror and the character on Reno 911 played by Kerry Kenny, and wondered whether she based the character's look on her.

There are some very nice moments in the film, especially when they get the fans to talk about their charity work, which they consider part of their fandom. But the film runs a little long and definitely feels repetitive by the time they get into talking about Trek-themed fan bands.

Probably worth watching for fans of Star Trek, but not for most people.

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