Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm not sure this movie (2012) is even worth reviewing. Anyone who had wanted to see the film has probably seen it by now. The level of absurdity in the plot is beyond description. But there are a few points I feel can be made.

I feel it is very disturbing that audiences find entertainment in watching world destruction. 9/11 just wasn't enough for some people. There were several points in the movie where all I could think about were people who died in real life. The fact that the Haiti earthquake just happened didn't help the viewing of this film.

As far as technique is concerned, the film looked and sounded great. Especially in the opening of the movie, there were a number of effective sound moments. In the destruction sequences, most of the visual effects were excellent.

John Cusack brings a lot of likability to the film, and some of the early writing made me care about ancillary characters enough to carry me into the third act. But the film is so derivative that you could probably make a game out of listing all the other films referenced throughout. And I don't mean good films being references in a smart way. I mean many of the awkward moments from the original POSEIDON ADVENTURE were replicated in the final act of the film. Not to mention THE TOWERING INFERNO and various other 70s disaster crapfests.

I'm not sure why the filmmakers found it necessary to kill off the Russian characters one by one, other than the fact that the director was German. I did care about those characters at least as much as the other ones.

In the end, it's just another big dumb action film that insults the audience.

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