Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm about as far away from the target audience for this film as you could imagine. I'm not a fan of Broadway musicals, and if I had to pick the most annoying musical ever, A CHORUS LINE keeps my "urge to kill... RISING."

So EVERY LITTLE STEP, a documentary about the revival of Chorus Line was something I dreaded watching. I mean, it's a documentary that shows the audition process about a musical about the audition process. (To top it all off, afterwards I watched AMERICAN IDOL.)

But the movie was a fascinating watch. Unlike AI, there were no stinkers in the entire audition process. In fact in many cases it was tough to pick because there were so many good voices. There are a number of moving performances as well, including one young man whose audition brought all the judges to tears, and, I suspect, many in the audience of the movie. It's definitely worth a watch, especially for singers

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