Friday, January 01, 2010


For the last two New Year's Eves, my wife & I have attended the CSO's New Year's Eve in Vienna concert. It's a blast. The orchestra is wonderful, and the music is a lot of fun. The associate conductor, Scott O’Neil, handled the baton for the evening. Overall he did very well, even though he tends to bury his nose in the score a bit too much. (You really don't know "Die Fledermaus"?)

The first couple of pieces were a little sloppy, but by the Tchaikovsky piano concerto (featuring 18 year-old award winner Leann Ostercamp), the orchestra sounded as great as they always do. The soloist was very good; she was very mature and had a unique interpretation. I like the way she played with time. Some of the parts that are normally rushed were more clearly executed than I have heard. She also had a nice touch on the quieter section. However, she also had techinical problems playing the block chords. We're living in an age where we expect technical perfection from performers.

The "Radetzky March" was conducted with aplomb by the highest bidder at an auction held earlier in the year. He had the style of Elmer Fudd and was quite funny. It's an early concert, which gives you time to celebrate on your own afterward. It's a great way to start the New Year!

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