Wednesday, November 13, 2013


BLACKFISH is an extremely important documentary about the animal abuse occurring at SeaWorld and other marine mammal parks. It is the vein of THE COVE, which I reviewed here. Like that film, this one is extremely difficult to watch as an animal lover, but it is important to see what is going on. Be aware that there are multiple scenes involving animals in physical pain. The film is available on DVD/Bluray.

I remember going to SeaWorld when I was very young, again as a teenager, and a third time as an adult. It never occurred to me how badly these animals were being treated, or how inappropriate it is for animals this large to be kept in such small tanks. They are great propagandists at making the animals look like they are enjoying themselves. But the truth is much more horrific; three trainers have been killed by whales, and almost certainly because they cannot maintain healthy behaviour in the parks.

The film ends with a statement that SeaWorld is appealing a decision against it which has forced them to limit interactions between the trainers and the whales. Ironically, this was forced on them to protect the humans. It does nothing to protect the whales. Yesterday that appeal went to the court. There is a strong possibility that the court will overturn the ruling, which had given OSHA the authority to protect the trainers. That authority is a huge precedent, meaning that OSHA could attempt to protect other workers in entertainment fields (such as the NFL) if the ruling stands.

Regardless of whether that ruling stands, the country needs stronger laws to protect animal rights. If you can watch this film without crying multiple times, you are completely heartless.

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