Sunday, January 13, 2008


The first half looked pretty close, but USC blew it open in the second half and handily defeated Washington State 66-51 for their first conference victory.

USC had an excellent percentage in foul shots, an area they had been weak in much of the season. However, a number of weaknesses still showed. Defense was awkward in the first half, allowing Washington to score quickly and easily while they had to work for their field shots. Rebounds were terrible. Passing was weak.

Mayo seemed obsessed with passing the ball to other players especially in the first half. I think he's still not comfortable being a team leader.

Floyd must have given a good halftime speech; the team was not only much more aggressive after the half, but also much more confident. Mayo scored 14 points in the second half.

USC plays at #5 UCLA next week (probably #4 after beating WSU today, who beat USC Thursday), then games at Oregon (11-4) and #24 Arizona. That's a tough stretch for a young, small team.

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