Monday, June 08, 2009

I ordered a RAM upgrade today and after placing the order received the following offer. I have not used this vendor before, nor have I received the product, so I cannot vouch for them yet, but this seems like a good idea. I chose them as a vendor because their website was fast at finding the right RAM, and the price was low (with free shipping). I will update this post after the order is received and again after the RAM is installed.

"We have a special money saving offer for you today: If you would like to receive a $15.00 credit back on your credit card for this order, simply post a link to on your website, blog, personal profile page (i.e. myspace) with a short one or two line description of our website and products. When finished, email us the web address where the link is posted and we will give you a $15.00 credit back on to your credit card. We do require the link to be posted for 90 days or more."

6/15 Update: RAM has arrived via standard mail on time. I will not get a chance to install it for a few days.

6/18 Update: RAM installed in iMac. Took about a minute. Works fine. I have not installed the RAM in my MacBook yet, but will update again when I do so (which may not be for a while).

6/20 Update: RAM installed in MacBook. Works fine. iMac is still fine. Overall, excellent experience.

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