Thursday, December 13, 2012


RISE OF THE GUARDIANS is a great family film that is entertaining, funny, and moving. I'm not sure why this film has not done a lot better at the box office, as it is a great holiday film. They probably should have put the word "Christmas" in the title. The voice cast is all very good, especially Alec Baldwin as a bizarre form of Santa who appears to be from the Russian mob. The character animation is also excellent, with each character having its own style. I particularly liked Sandman, who doesn't talk, but is a memorable character nonetheless. The score by Alexandre Desplat, and and the sound design by Richard King and mix by Andy Nelson and Jim Bolt were also an important part of the success of the film. There's enough going on for adults that they will enjoy the film, but the heartwarming story is appropriate for kids as well.

Check it out while you can.

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