Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The boys showed again this week that they are much weaker than the girls, with several in danger of being voted off.

Danny Noriega continued his descent into Sanjaya hell. Luke Menard was hoisted by his own retarded petard. Jason Yeager looked like a reject from a Disney show on a cruise ship. Robbie Carrico is probably safe with those three, but will be in danger soon. Jason Castro is in the same range.

Chicezie (AKA Jacuzzi) was surprisingly good, as was David Hernandez and Daniel Cook. Michael Johns is safe this week, and David Archuleta is still the front-runner.

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Anonymous said...

I was stunned by the judges "soft balling" a lot of the contestants...

Michael Johns in particular... ?? "You can go your own way" wow... pretty bad... there was one note he just kept missing, but their pronouncement was merely "not your best".