Saturday, February 09, 2008


MEET THE ROBINSONS is a disaster of a movie. There are dozens of great nuggets of ideas buried under gigantic mounds of teeming writers' feces in this script. Somehow it took seven credited writers to butcher this animated film, which was based on a well-received novel that apparently tells the story of only one scene that wound up in the movie. This movie is such a misfire of epic proportions that it's almost impossible to discuss everything that's wrong with it, from the voice casting and 3D character animation to the terrible music montages plastered all over the film. It's easier to say what's right: an orphan kid tries to be an inventor and ends up traveling through time. Almost anyone reading that sentence could have written a better movie.

Although John Lasseter's name is on the movie (and apparently he is responsible for much of the script mucking), the picture clearly lacks all of the things that make Pixar films so great: character, story and humor.

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