Saturday, May 08, 2010


Jack Kevorkian is an American hero.

He has spent his life fighting for the rights of the terminally ill to enter the next life on their own terms. Having watched several people I know including family deal with terminal illnesses, I am convinced that leaving people with the only option being a removal from feeding tubes is not the humane way to treat the people you care about. Every person should have control over their right to end-of-life health care.

The HBO film YOU DON'T KNOW JACK tells the very interesting story of the man who made it his life's work to bring the topic of end-of-life care into the American media. The movie is very good. It's well written, with great performances by a number of actors including Al Pacino and Brenda Vaccaro. It's also very well shot.

I'm glad that this movie has brought this important topic back into discussion.

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