Friday, July 06, 2012


Finally got around to watching MAN ON WIRE, a great documentary that won numerous awards (including the Oscar) four years ago. The film is about a man who decided to illegally run a cable between the Twin Towers and walk across. The movie has a peculiar feel to it knowing that the towers are gone forever (something that is never mentioned in the movie).

It could easily be remade into a Hollywood action film, that's how tense the entire plot is. The film is not without flaws, though, the music choices are too on-the-nose (sneaking around at night get's Greig's pizzicato basses, Satie's Gympnopedie is used yet again, and one lengthy section uses a cue by Michael Nyman that sounds like an earlier score of his).  And there are excessive reenactments, to the point that it was hard to tell what was real.

Nonetheless it's a fascinating story and worth watching.

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