Tuesday, February 12, 2013


DJANGO UNCHAINED is typical Tarantino. A movie which might have been great, but instead falters throughout and is only entertaining instead of thoughtful. I really try to like his films, but he gives me way too many reasons to stop caring about his characters. Shooting the head off a horse in the opening scene doesn't help.

Technically the film is quite brilliant. The cinematography, editing and sound work are all amazing. And much of the plot is original. The acting is top-notch, until, at the most important point in the film, Tarantino injects his own horrible acting into the film, as though Jar Jar Binks had suddenly wandered onto the set and had a pivotal role.

The ending is far too violent for my taste. The more I see violence glorified in film, the more ashamed I am to work in this industry. I understand it was a difficult time in American history, but I really never liked Peckinpah's use of ultra-violence as cinematic ballet either. I hope this is the last of Tarantino's violence. He clearly is a talented filmmaker, who could do a lot more with his characters and a lot less with squibs.

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