Friday, February 22, 2013


SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN is a great documentary. The less you know about it going in, the better the viewing experience will probably be for you. So stop reading here and rent the movie at Redbox. The film is about a musician from the 60s whose music had unintended consequences on Apartheid.

To discuss the film I have to give away a few things.

The surprise in the film was not that much of a surprise for me. They talk about looking for this musician. Well, if they don't find him, there's no movie, so I was not at all surprised that he was still around. Also, just based on the early comments about him in the film, I fully expected that when we found him, he would be mentally ill.

The biggest weakness in the film is that I still feel like I am searching for him. It's a very interesting story, but I really learned almost nothing about him as a human being. I think whatever his mental illness is, it made it impossible for the filmmakers to get close enough to him for the audience to learn about what happened to his career. It's a shame, as I feel like I only got about 1% of the real story.

Nonetheless, that 1% is very interesting and worth watching.

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