Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Dodgers have come alive suddenly, against the team many consider to be the best in the NL, and a team that has in recent history beaten the Dodgers consistently. Although the Mets are currently in somewhat of a slump, it's good to see the Dodgers play well again, especially after losing the series against the Blue Jays.

There was also a flashback in the 2nd inning to last year's fantastic game against the Padres. The Dodgers managed to get 3 home runs in a row - off of consecutive pitches! Betemit, Matt Kemp (recently activated from AAA) and pitcher Hong-Chi Kuo all hit home runs over 400'. Kuo's homer was not only his first hit of the year, it was his first homerun as a major-leaguer. Kemp's home run was only the 16th ever to land in the Loge section; a distance of over 440'.

There were a lot of good signs for the Dodgers tonight. Kuo pitched 7 strong innings, allowing only one run in only 89 pitches. Even better, the bullpen was amazing. Broxton and Saito combined to retire the final 6 batters, 4 with strikeouts, and using only 19 pitches total, 16 of which were strikes. The crowd of over 42,000 was excited well after the game ended, as the win puts the Dodgers back in first place (albeit a 3-way tie with Arizona and San Diego).
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