Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer 540 Project Proposals

Sound Assignment 1

All students should have received an e-mail from me.
If you have not, please contact me here.

Please post a proposal for your final project here, including a brief description of your proposed sound design.

Remember that the scene should be 3-5 minutes long and include DIA, MX, FX, BG, and Foley. If you choose an already existing scene, you should not attempt to reproduce the sound design of the scene exactly as in the film. The point of the assignment is to be creative and create an entirely new sound design. Consider it a blank slate.

If you are in doubt about your choice, you should list more than one possibility and I will try to guide you towards a good choice. If you choose one of your own films, you must e-mail me a small QT movie of the scene (or upload it to my iDisk) so that I can look at it before I approve it.

To enter your proposal:
Click on “Post a Comment” immediately below to post your assignment. If you do not see it, try clicking here.

If you have a Google or Blogger account, you may log in under that name. If not, please click on OTHER and enter a name in the appropriate field.

This will be posted publicly, so if you wish to, you may choose a handle instead of your real name. If you do so, you MUST e-mail me your real name too so that I know who you are.

Enter the Word Verification.

Enter your proposal in the LEAVE YOUR COMMENT box. Click PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT. ("Enter" or "return" will not work.)

If you have any problems, e-mail the proposal to me and I will post it.

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