Sunday, July 04, 2010


It's hard to review a movie that has been out for a long time. The general word of mouth on this film was so good that I could only be let down, and I was. Although it's got a much better story than most of the current comedies out there, this film lacked anything resembling depth. The characters are all one-dimensional and show little growth throughout the film. It's not really that funny, but being told as a mystery in reverse does keep your interest.

Of the four friends that go to Vegas for a bachelor party, three of them are virtually interchangeable, and the one that we think is the main character disappears for most of the movie, so I'm left wondering who I'm supposed to care about. One of them is just plain crazy and has a character that doesn't really make sense. He's a grown geek who doesnt curse, but he takes three Extacy tablets a day? I'm supposed to believe this?

Another is a school teacher who steals his kids money to gamble in Vegas and spends most of the movie talking about how his wife and kid have ruined his life. Finally there's Ed Helm, who creates the most well-fleshed character in the film, even though he allows himself to be abused by his girlfriend, so it's har to care about him either.

And where are the women in this movie? We go to Vegas and we get a sausage-fest! Yeah, Heather Graham is in the movie for about a minute, but this is not at all what I expected. I wonder why women like this movie; they are painted as controlling bitches or prostitutes.

So it may have a few interesting scenes, but the movie really does not stand up very well.
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