Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rockies Lose in Extra Innings

I did not want to spoil it, but before tonight, I had been to 9 Rockies games in the regular season and they won them all. In fact, if you add the two pre-season games, I was undefeated in 11 games (although one ended in a tie).

It had to happen eventually, but I did not expect it tonight. The Rockies played fairly well, with a huge home run by Todd Helton and two fantastic outfield assists from CarGo. And three errors from the Brewers. They should have won.

But they did not. Mostly due to a poor outing by Huston Street in the tenth, who had difficulty getting the outs. He took the 5-4 loss.

At this point it looks extremely unlikely that the Rockies will go to post season. There are just too many teams fighting it out fot the wild card who are above them right now. It's too bad, they should have been a much better team this year.

It was, nonetheless, a gorgeous night for a game. 39,000 fans agreed.
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