Wednesday, March 09, 2011


What a complete mess THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETS' NEST is.

After the first film, which is quite good, and the second film, which was passable, I was hoping the finale to the trilogy would be a lot better. But strangely, there is almost no action in this film. Seriously, almost every scene in the 2 1/2 hours of the film consists of people sitting indoors and talking. The script is terrible and the structure is worse, and it is terribly shot. I realize they were stuck with the source material, which has a labyrinthine plot, but there should have been some way to clean up the first hour of the movie.

Much of the movie's action takes place off-screen, including what should be the climax of the film at the very end. In fact, if she had actually kicked a hornets' nest, that would have been more action than is actually in the film! What little action there is, is horribly staged and poorly edited.

The basic structure of the film would have been a lot better if the film had opened with the beginning of the trial sequence, which is the last hour of the film. Then they could have brought in the back-story as flashbacks during the questioning. At least this way there would be drama at the front of the film, and the audience would feel the tension of the clock ticking, knowing that they need to save her before the trial is over. Instead we just keep looking at the clock wondering when this movie will be over.

This is perhaps the first foreign film where I look forward to the American remake. They can actually fix this and make a good movie out of it.
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