Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blogging, in General

If you are a loyal reader of this blog, you will notice that I cut my posting to almost nothing. There's a reason for this.

There are no loyal readers of my blog. There are two sources I use to see statistics of my blog hits. They are so appalling I am not going to post them in public. Even worse, I can see how long people stay on my blog before moving to another page. The answer is so short that I can clearly see that most people who come here do not read anything beyond the tittle of the blog post and then move on to another page. And I can see where they come from and where they go to in many cases. The vast majority of the people who come here, do so by accident, searching for something else, and leave immediately when they see it is not what they are looking for.

Originally I set up this blog as a way to connect with students, so most of my posts were about film, music and audio. But that did not work at all. So I started writing about the things I enjoy, including baseball. I got a lot of complaints from people that they don't want to read about baseball. So this past season, I made a decision that I would post no more than once a month about baseball, sort of a monthly update on my favorite teams, which are now the Rockies and the Red Sox, with a little of the LA teams thrown in for good measure.

At the end of April, the Rockies looked good, but something just didn't feel right to me about the team and I didn't feel like writing about them. Furthermore, no one seemed to notice that I had stopped writing about baseball (after many posts in March from Spring Training), so it seemed a good time to give up for a while. I intended to follow up later in the season, but with both the Rockies and the Red Sox imploding, and the Dodgers and Angels having their own problems, it seemed like it was unnecessary.

So I intended to pick up again when the symphony started their annual season. Although very few  people read my music reviews, I did feel that I was serving a purpose by writing about the Colorado Symphony, since no one else was. As a subscriber to their concert series, and (very small) donor, I feel like I have a right to talk about them, especially since it seemed clear that there were problems at the symphony.

However, in May, I sang with the chorus in one of their concerts, making me one of them. In fact I got insider information long before the general public, which made it feel wrong to be posting about them. I support all of the personnel changes they have made, and I sincerely hope for the best, but I do still fear the worst for the future of the orchestra. I may try to write some pure reviews of their concerts without going into an analysis of their financial status.

The one thing that has been fairly popular on my blog has been movie reviews. With awards season having started, I will start writing reviews again. The IDA Documentary awards have their ballot due this week, so expect to see at least one or two reviews a day of documentary films this week.

And please leave a comment if you feel that any of this is worthwhile. If I get no response, I may just stop entirely. This is more time-consuming than it seems, and I really hate writing, so I'm not going to continue unless people really want me to.
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