Monday, October 02, 2006

Dodgers vs. Mets

It wasn't completely unexpected, but the Dodgers will play the Mets in the NLDS. I'll be at game 3 on Saturday, and game 4 if there is one.

Fortunately Grady Little has chosen to go with lefty starter Kuo in game 2, which means they have a chance of winning that one. Back in LA they go with Maddux, who has been very good in Dodger stadium and is definitely a clutch pitcher.

The other matchups aren't that interesting. The Cardinals should easily handle the Padres, the Yankees will hammer the Tigers, and I think the A's will beat the Twins, although the Twins are definitely on a roll. That's probably the one race that will fo to 5 games.

In football, both my predictions came true, with he Bills winning, and the Pats pummelling Cincinnati.


Anonymous said...

The Tigers won't get hammered. Despite the undeniable fact that the Yankees are a better team and the Tigers' recent slump, the Detroit starting pitching and veteran leadership should be enough to make this a series. The Yankees also have a tendency to ignore young upstart teams and let them make it a series (various incantations with tha A's) or even steal it (Florida Marlins).

Bondelev said...

Yes, I remember a clearly hungover David Wells allowing the WC Angels to beat them in the ALDS four years ago, but I don't see that happening as much as I'd love it. As Tommy Lasorda says, it's time for everyone to hate the Yankees!

ZiggyMustard said...

I'd love for the Tigers to pull an upset. I have a soft spot for the underdog.

I wonder how the Mets will do without Pedro.