Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Gwen Stefani came off as a nice, normal person on the show. I've seen her live at the Grammys a couple of times, and she has a fantastic voice.

Here are my thoughts from the show:

Lakisha: Nice up-tempo groove. Not much vocal range exhibited, but still probably the #2 voice on the show.

Chris Sligh: Really sounded eerily like Sting at the beginning, then went downhill fast into the land of bad karaoke. Could be in danger.

Gina Glocksen: Best performance she's given yet, has nothing to worry about this week.

Sanjay: Well, at least HE is having fun.

Haley: Off pitch quite a but, including the end, and an otherwise forgettable performance.

Philferatu: Also sounding somewhat like Sting, one of his better performances, although I still can't stand him. I'm surprised the judges didn't point out how unoriginal his singing was, then complained that Jordan was a copycat.

Melinda: She's the first pro to walk on the stage tonight.

Blake: Boring performance of a forgettable song, but he's not in trouble. He could have used a lot more dynamic range when he got to the hook.

Jordan: She doesn't have the range to do Gwen's song, you have to have a full voice at the bottom and top register. She looked a little silly with her chubby legs in the schoolgirl outfit tryin' to shake it. I was surprised the judges' comments were so positive. I don't think she's in trouble.

Chris Richardson: Weak voice for a song that needs a big one; he sounded nervous, but again, I don't think he's in trouble.

I think it may be Sligh's time to return to his family.

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