Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The guys were so weak last night, there was nothing worth writing about. All the women are better than the men. I'm not as much a Sanjay hater as most, I really feel sorry for the kid, who is so far out of his league, but will continue to stay as long as Indian-Americans continue to vote for him.

Beat Box Blake is talented and might make it to the top few. Richardson was much worse this weak and is in danger.

Nosferatu should be going home. Jared was forgettable as well. Sligh is safe, as is Sundance.

The top 5 women will probably all be black.

Barbarella may finally be going home after her awful performance tonight, but unfortunately she still has followers. Haley was completely forgettable and should head home.

Gina is OK for now but needs to show more stylistic range to make it past next week.

Melinda has total star talent. I think Stephanie does as well, although she'll probably only make it to the top 4.

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