Tuesday, March 27, 2007


STILL WE BELIEVE: The Boston Red Sox Movie is a documentary about the infamous 2003 Red Sox pennant chase. It seems like just yesterday, but there have been three seasons since, including the greatest comeback in sports history to win the pennant and then the World series (almost as an afterthought). Three years later, a WS win, and it's STILL painful to watch this film. I think only a Red Sox fan could really understand it. There's one fan who is the ultimate cynic from literally the first day of the season; at every single game he talks about how they are going to blow it. There are two typical Boston chick fans who go to several games, including a drive to Chicago for a Cubs game, only to get rained out three times. It's an accidental metaphor for how Red Sox fans feel all the time.

Needless to say, as a lifelong Red Sox fan, I followed that season very closely. My wife and I went down to a couple of games in Anaheim. When the Divisional series game 4 ended, I picked up the phone and got a flight to Oakland to see game 5. My wife couldn't go, so I sat in the stands surrounded by strangers, many of whom were Red Sox fans. Even when the game was over, the Red Sox fans just couldn't believe they had pulled it off.

The movie spends too much time on the early season, and rushes through the post-season when so much happened. There's no way to feel anything but letdown at the end of the film. But for Red Sox fans, it's a must-see.

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