Saturday, October 13, 2007

USC Wins

It wasn't pretty, but USC beat Arizona 20-13. They did not beat the 20-point spread, and were behind 13-10 throughout the 3rd quarter. Sophomore QB Mark Sanchez looked weak through much of the game, even though for a year and a half many people have been looking forward to his replacing Booty. USC got only 130 yards passing, and only 146 rushing.

The team looked all-around weak. The offensive line did not give Sanchez the time to make the throw. Receivers dropped the ball on several occasions. The defense let Arizona get too many easy first downs.

USC will need to get it together if they think they still have a shot at #1. With LSU losing in triple overtime this week, the slot is still open.


Anonymous said...

Forget this football stuff! I wanna hear your views on your beloved Red Sox... and predictions about the Divisional Playoffs... and World Series.

PS Tough loss tonight! :-(

Bondelev said...

It's unlikely I'll be going to any more baseball games, but will probably go to at least one more USC game.