Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's official, the Ellen Experiment is a complete failure. She has no purpose on the show. I never thought I would miss Paula's insightful comments.

Wow, the show is really bad. After 9 years, it's time for v 2.o. They need new theme music and a new logo. And replace the judges. Of all of them, Simon should stay, and he's the only one leaving this year.

I know these kids get better as they go along, but tonight was almost unwatchable. I suspect the Beatles are regretting their decision to open their catalog to the show finally. VoteForTheWorst.com has picked Hely Vaughn of Fort Collins as the worst, And I think they are right. I'm not sure why she was dressed like a nurse. Plus she's self-proclaimed black country singer, and she picks the Beatles? This was a match made in hell.

Berklee girl Ashley Rodriguez was also terrible, but I suspect she is not in trouble. Why was everyone so nervous tonight? Was it the live audience?

Kately Epperly could not have picked a worse song or a worse outfit. She looked like a skanky wannabee extra for an off-off-Broadway revivial of Chicago.

Lilly Scott, sandwich maker from Littleton, was one of the best girl, although stylistically she has little range, which means she may not be around long.

Michelle Delomar was also one of the better singers tonight, which was somewhat unexpected after last week.

Two hours was too long for the girls. Tomorrow we see the guys.

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