Wednesday, February 24, 2010


FOOD INC may be the most important film of the year. It exposes the many holes in the American government that allow foods that are bad for people, animals, and the environment to monopolize our grocery stores and restaurants. The film had me from the start, with a very inventive main title sequence. It is very well shot and edited, and Mark Adler's music is great.

It's a tough year for documentaries, with THE COVE, there are now two films that have made me cry by showing animal abuse (although in this film it is only one of several important issues). I'm going to give the edge to FOOD INC. It's a better made film, less propagandist, and more importantly, it touches on many important issues (all food related).

We are really living in a time where I believe our government is broken beyond repair to have allowed such an unhealthy state to have developed only in order to keep the corporations wealthy. I suppose people felt that way before Upton Sinclair's THE JUNGLE was published, but I don't see this movie having the same impact. It's too bad, I really wish this message would get out to more people. When people vote with their wallets, ultimately, change will happen.

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