Thursday, February 25, 2010


I never even heard of the film BRIGHT STAR until it was nominated for an Oscar for costume. Directed by Jane Campion, it's the story of John Keats' relationship with a neighbor girl. I think the fact that the cast is mostly unknown to Americans was a bit of a problem in marketing. There is one recognizable face, Paul Schneider of PARKS AND RECREATION is in the film, although a sitcom actor in a period drama would not be a big draw, although he is good in the film.

The film is pretty good, although a bit maudlin (reviews had made me think this was more of a comedy) but the love story is very good. It's not your typical costume drama, the characters feel much more contemporary. If there's anything to criticize, the film is a bit dry, and I think the music had something to with it. There's almost no music. Normally I would be a fan of that choice, but a love story seems to demand more.

Otherwise, I'd say this is a good date film.

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