Tuesday, March 09, 2010


It's interesting to watch the development of AMERICAN IDOL singers as we approach the top 12. This year there is a clear bent towards indie-sounding voices rather than the pop idols they have leaned towards in the past.

Without question, the two worst were Katie Stevens and Paige Miles. Katie should have gone last week, and Paige was so nervous she seemed far out of her league.

Siobhan was nowhere near as good as the judges thought, but much better than last week, and like her, so I hope she continues to grow. Lilly was much worse than the judges thought, she looked awkward strumming her mandolin and sang with a nervous voice, but I think she deserves to stick around again.

Lacie and Katelyn were also good but not great. Didi really stunned me, she was like a different person this week and sang extremely well. She may have revived her chances entirely.

As Simon says, Crystal Bowersox is the one to beat, she seems like a pro already and does not even belong in the competition.

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