Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I really think the show would be better if they kept the boys and girls separate until the top two. A two-hour show at this point is impossible to sit through, even with the help of Tivo.

Tonight's comments from the judges were pretty good for the most part. My comments, in order of appearance:

Michael Lynch is by far the best of the guys and will make it to the top few (although DialIdol.com disagrees).

Didi was better than expected again. She's not my choice by a long shot, but is safe for at least another 3 weeks.

Casey was better this week, but I'm not sure how long he will last. His song choice was not right for him.

I like Lacey but her performance was lackluster. Otherwise I think she's safe too.

Andrew has completely lost it. He was not as bad as some of the comments from the judges seemed to indicate, but he is not a winner by any means.

Katie is really awful. Amazingly, there were worse performances after her, though, so she's still safe.

Tonight Tim Urban reminded everyone why he doesn't belong there, after redeeming himself last week. His voice was shaky throughout. Unlike the judges, I think it was a good choice to switch it up and do reggae, but he clearly has no confidence in himself and could not pull it off.

Simon had excellent comments for Siobhan. Her intro was actually terrible, but the rest of the song was great. However, if she keeps doing "the scream" she will be seen as a one-trick pony, and I suspect already that some people will hate her for that. I like her, though.

Lee is not DeWyze one when he sings such a low-key performance. He runs the risk of losing simply by being forgettable, like Lilly last week.

Paige is truly awful. I admire her for doing so well with laryngitis, but the judges were too kind to her.

Aaron gave the strangest rendition of "Angie" imaginable, I thought it was open mike night at the Holiday Inn, but the judges were awful nice to him.

Crystal did not Blowmysox off, but she is safe as could be.

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