Saturday, March 13, 2010


I really wanted to like IT MIGHT GET LOUD, but I couldn't even get through it the whole way.

I like movies. I like music. I like documentaries especially, and a doc about music should have been a sure thing. Director Davis Guggenheim gave us AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, one of the most important documentaries of all time, but this is not a documentary. It is a love letter to three guitarists that the director clearly worships. There is no real analysis of them as individuals or human beings, let alone as performing musicians.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that he treats them all the same, even though Jimmie Page is clearly a seminal, influential guitarist across generations, The Edge is an important rock guitarist with U2 has who been performing for decades, and the White Stripes guy is just an obnoxious kid who thinks he's a lot more talented than he really is. He's not in the same league and does not even belong in this movie.

In addition, picking three guitarists from threee eras with three different styles does not make for a coherent movie. It's a shame, it had potential, but this movie just doesn't pull it off.

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