Tuesday, April 27, 2010


AMERICAN IDOL is at a strange point where there are not many people left to like or dislike. I feel sorry for the singers tonight having to pick from the crappy songbook of Shania Twain.

I really don't like Lee DeWyze at all. I don't understand the judges compliments or the audience reaction. He's boring and untalented. He should really be the one going home.

Normally I would be arguing that Aaron Kelly was the worst, but tonight, he was much better than usual. Also better than usual was Goldilocks Casey James, who appeared to give the performance of a lifetime. He's safe for a week.

Siobhan, who is also one of my favorites (although VoteForTheWorst.com has picked her as the worst) gave a weak performance and is probably in trouble.

DialIdol.com has Michael Lynche on the bottom again, even though he was quite good. Crystal Boersox gave her worst performance yet but is still the best singer.

It's been tough to watch this season. The past few years have proved that the winner doesn't really matter, they don't necessarily have the best career, and after about the top 5 or 6 the show gets pretty dull.

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Bondelev said...

Sorry to see Siobhan go. Should have been Aaron or Lee.