Sunday, April 25, 2010


I finally got around to watching CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY. I am a fan of Michael Moore's politics, but not of his propagandist style of movie-making. The same holds true for this film. He's right on all counts, particularly in tracing the roots of all of America's current problems to the Reagan administration, but unfortunately, he's preaching to the choir. Unlike some of his previous films, this one was not seen by enough people to make a difference.

The country is so divided that anyone who might have been swayed by the facts would not have seen this film, and his presence in the film almost certainly would have turned them away anyway. Although many of the film-making conceits were entertaining, they were not an honest presentation of the facts. (And I still can't forgive him for using a non-union crew to make a movie extolling the virtues of American unions.)

I think at this point he could do the most for the country by investing his profits by producing small documentaries made by other filmmakers, and then lend his support to them in publicity when the films are complete.

BTW, the dollar that Michael Moore is holding in the above photo is mine. When he appeared at USC a few years ago, he was asked what advice he would give young filmmakers. He told them to remember that the sound crew were the most underpaid and under-respected people on the set.

I tossed him a dollar tip, telling him it was from the the USC Sound Department, and he proudly held it up to the photographers. I do respect much of what he has accomplished, but I feel I must point out that he did indeed keep the dollar.

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