Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It was a tough night on Idol, we're at the point where everyone is pretty good. There are only two I truly dislike: Lee Dewyze, who was actually pretty good tonight, and Aaron Kelly, who was terrible regardless of what the judges said. I expect he will be in the bottom 3 but may not go as he has a strong following.

Tim Urban will probably be in the bottom 3 as well and may be the one to go. Casey was pretty weak on a easy crowd-killer song, but I suspect he's safe. Michael Lynche was pretty good, and I like Siobhan a lot, even though she was weaker tonight than in a while.

Crystal Bowersox have a master class tonight. One of the best performances on Idol, ever.

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Bondelev said...

Well, I was pretty much right. Tim is going home, VoteIdol.com be damned. I wish it was Aaron.