Saturday, January 19, 2013


Who would have thought that Disney would make the best Pixar film this year (Wreck-It Ralph, reviewed here), and Pixar would make a lame Disney film like BRAVE. Just about everything is off in this film. The opening 8 minutes of the film are almost unwatchable, and include extraneous explanatory voiceover (that never returns) and a friggin' music montage. This starts the film off with horrible pacing. The cast is weak too, as a decision was made to make them Scottish for no apparent reason (it's a fantasy, why do they need accents?).

The film finally takes off about 40 minutes in but it is far too late. There is a cute Disney bear character that seems completely out of place in the film, and the lead girl never really gets to show off much authority, making her not that much more developed than Ariel or the other Disney princesses.

It's a shame, as it could have been a very good film.

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