Friday, December 26, 2008

Maudlin Road

I have not read the novel upon which REVOLUTIONARY ROAD is based, but I can say this: sometimes books are better left as books.

This movie has a plot that would be melodramatic even on ALL MY CHILDREN. There's not a lot that happens, which leaves the audience plenty of time to figure out where every scene is going long before the characters do. The actors rise far, far above the material, particularly Michael Shannon, who is the only sane character in the film, and he lives in an asylum.

The symbolism in the film is very heavy-handed, with characters named "Frank" and "April" and the family names "The Wheelers" and "The Givings" being some of the less offensive but still obvious markers. The structure of the movie is a complete mess, with pointless and confusing flashbacks, and occasional scenes from an outside point of view for no reason (including the final scene, which is laughable).

I can't recommend anything about this film.
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