Tuesday, April 07, 2009

AI 8

I pad American Idol by 3 minutes and still we missed most of Adam Lambert's performance, as well as the recap, which is usually a good way to judge voting as it is the last thing people see and the first they will remember. I'm going to guess that Adam did well as always.

VoteForTheWorst.com has tastelessly picked Scott as their next victim. What, he's blind, so let's pick on him? There are at least 3 other singers worse than him.

The bottom 3 should be Anoop (although better this week, he's a weak singer), Matt, and Kris. The judges really like Matt because he looks like Justin Timberlake, and they think he's marketable, but he's a terrible singer and I predict he will have no career regardless of how far he makes it in the competition. Kris was completely forgettable this week which is usually the kiss of death so I think he'll be gone.

I don't like Danny, but he's still safe as well. Lil had a terribly off week on a song she should have killed with, but she's safe. Allison finally seems to be getting her props from the voters (according to DialIdol.com anyway). If Lil regains her form, I think she, Allison and Adam would be the top three, although the judges and the crowd really love Danny "Okey Dokey" Gokey.
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