Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AI: Disco

American Idol had its worst night in ages tonight. Rather than simply have fun with some Kool & the Gang or KC & the Sunshine Band, the Idols decided that they wanted to re-invent disco, something that did not need to be done. One of the few people who sang a straight-ahead disco song, and who sang it well, was roundly booed by the judges. I don't get why they suddenly took a dislike to Lil, unless something happened off camera that I don't know about. Either that or they figured that dissing her so badly would unite the audience to vote for her and save her. She ceratainly does not deserve to go home yet.

Matt Giraud does. He gave a pathetic performance tonight that was perhaps the worst karaoke the show has seen in a long time. They should not have saved him last week; they may have needed it for tonight, because Allison sang her heart out yet is currently on the bottom at DialIdol and may be one of the two to go home, along with Matt.

The judges raved about Adam, whom I usually like, but his performance lacked emotion and was forgettable. So was Kris Allen, and he has probably overstayed his welcome as well.

That leave Anoop and Danny. I'm not a huge Danny fan, but he still is worth keeping on the show, and Anoop has also overstayed his welcome.

Tough to predict at this point who will make it past next week.
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