Thursday, June 10, 2010


KING CORN is not a great film. It covers much of the same territory as FOOD, INC., but without the flair. It misses a bunch of opportunities. It does not explain why America had the knee-jerk reaction of deregulating the corn industry, nor does it take advantage of an interview with Earl Butz, who was the one who allowed the expansion. But it does remind the viewer of just how messed up the American diet is, and how the government has essentially forced it on us.

Where are all the Republicans who want big government to go away? Why aren't they complaining that government intervention has ruined the American diet? They could easily remove government incentives. Or if they are afraid of killing the farming industry, they could slowly transition those incentives over to healthier vegetable and fruit crops. Even soybeans would be better for us than corn, which was never intended to be a major part of our diet, especially in the current version.

See it and weep.
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