Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rockies win Major Comeback against Red Sox!

One of the most exciting baseball games I've been to, and certainly the most exciting Rockies game, it was a pleasure to see two great pitchers in one game, yet the outcome was not at all what was expected. Jimenez was apparently sick and gave up 6 runs in less than six innings or work, a rarity for him on both counts, and ballooning his ERA to a whopping 1.60. Hopefully he will get well soon.

Lackey pitched well for the Red Sox and also hit a ground rule double and a lucky single. But the game really started in the late innings. It was great to see Houston Street return to the mound, his first appearance of the season.

Normally I root for my hometown Sox, but the Rockies have not lived up to potential so far and really needed a win badly. And to win in such a great fashion, with two home runs off closer Jonathan Papelbon in the bottom of the 9th, was a much needed shot in the arm for the team. The first home run from Ian Stewart went 438 feet into the upper deck of the outfield. The latter home run was a Jason Giambi 2-run walk-off that went 418 feet. The crowd went absolutely ballistic, as though they had just won the world series. I'm pretty sure this is the only late-inning, come-from-behind win the Rockies have had all season, and seeing the team literally jumping for joy was a great change. Let's hope this signals a big change for the team. De la Rosa is not that far from a return to the rotation, but with Tulo out for six weeks with a broken hand, the team could have acted like the season was over.

Clearly, it's not.
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