Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Country music week is by far the least interesting to watch, and the least useful at determining who can really sing.

Phil, whom I can't stand, was surprisingly not bad, and will probably stick around for at least another week or two.

Jordan sang well in the idiom, and continues to show maturity far beyond her age.

Lakeesha continued her rapid downhill slide by over-singing in a genre completely inappropriate to her. She could be in danger.

Chris Richardson was OK, but mostly forgettable. He could also be in danger.

Melinda's years as a backup singer have paid off, as she moves like a chameleon between styles. Country swing was a good choice for her.

Blake made the smart move of taking a country song and making it soft rock. He's fine.

And then there's Sanjaya. I'm more convinced than ever that he's trying to get voted off the show. That was the laziest performance I've ever seen. He deserves to go home based on that performance, but based on track record, there are two or three others who could go this week.

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