Thursday, April 19, 2007

Our Long National Nightmare is Over

At last, Our Long National Nightmare is Over!

Sanjaya has been voted off the island.

Now our lives can resume. Normalcy has returned.


Anonymous said...

Aaaaagh.. come on David. His run was fun. It was like watching somebody smear mud on the windows of an establishment... from the inside.

Anonymous said...


Happy to have found this repository of your opinions! I am so glad you watch American Idol... I feel validated in my guilty pleasure!

Poor Sanjaya, I really feel for him. He has the awkwardness of a youth who doesn't know himself yet. It's hard to know what's 'going on with him', isn't it? My suspicion is that he's a closeted gay, and coming out will make him a better singer and especially, performer.

Melinda is my favorite this season, probably my favorite of any season. She sings and acts like a grown up. They pulled the usual awful stunt with her last night, and she answered with poise and class. I even liked the way she humbly took Simon's advice to stop being so humble. What a woman!

Bondelev said...

I don't think Sanjaya is closeted. I do think a lot of the anti-Sanjaya madness was inexcusable homophobia.

Anonymous said...

That's terrible to hear. Poor Sanjaya...

I did like how he changed the lyrics of the song last night, it was a welcome bit of spunk from him.