Friday, April 27, 2007


The Dodgers lost all three games, a complete sweep for the red hot Giants, who are now tied with the Dodgers for first place in the NL west. Brad Penny looked pretty good, but the bullpen was weak (the loss goes to Beimel for letting two men on) and the bats were unable to deliver when needed, leaving 16 men on base.

Defense looked weak with Pierre unable to track down a couple of balls and Kent allowing a couple of balls to bounce of his glove. They weren't errors (same with one to Nomar) but they could have made a difference.

The worst blunder of the night was a blown squeeze play that left Ethier out to dry instead of allowing him to score. Pierre must have misread a sign, because he stopped swinging in mid-steal.

Let's hope they pull it together against the Padres this weekend.

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