Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Tony Bennett week is one I look forward to. Not only do I like the music, but its melodic nature clearly separates the bad singers from the good.

Blake sang fairly poorly, but the judges were kind. I doubt he's in trouble, though.

Phil was better than usual, but still weak. I hope this is his week to go home.

Melinda is still the best pro. Her performances are effortless.

Chris was a little on the weak side again. He could be getting close to the exit.

Jordan kicked butt. She's really improved over the last few weeks.

Gina sang better than expected but was one of the weaker women. She could be in trouble.

Sanjaya's pitch was all over the place. He's really nervous. However, I stand by my prediction that he will make it to the top 5.

Haley is dressed to kill again, and may succeed. She also sang much better than I expected, although the arrangement was terrible.

Lakeesha started off WAY off pitch but pulled it together further in.

After all these weeks, the women are still outshining the men by far.


Anonymous said...

Nice job on your prediction of Gina. Now all that remains as to your belief on why Sanjaya continues to survive. ;-)

Bondelev said...

Sanjaya won't lave until he's clearly the worst singer. Phil is much worse, and Haley in the same league. He has at least two more weeks left.