Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I had thought that Barry Gibb night would be a lot better, since most f his songs are pretty well-written, but both the singers and the judges apparently could not get the originals out of their heads.

Lakeesha made a huge mistake in changing the tempo on "Stayin' Alive." Slowing down the tempo on a known song is always a mistake. And Blake didn't need to contemporize either song. He seemed a bit shocked when the judges pointed that out. I do have to admit that they tend to contradict themselves; they've told him some weeks that he's "made the song his own" and other weeks that he didn't need to change the original.

Jordin keeps getting better, and Melinda is great as always, although her first song choice wasn't great.

Normally I'd think Blake was safe, especially being the only guy left, but if voters listen to the judges, he'll be going home. Lakeesha should really be the one going.


Anonymous said...

Melinda is still my fave! Jordin was great, however, I could never say that her version of 'To Love Somebody' was better than Nina Simone's.

Bondelev said...

Nobody tops Nina Simone.

Anonymous said...

Amen!!! Hence my surprise that Mr. Gibb would declare Jordin's version to be 'the best he ever heard'... ???